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The Idea and Vision for Eat Good Shit

First off, welcome to the website! I’ve wanted to create a site for several years that really documented my journey with food, but I never felt that the time was right. Until now.

Since January 10, 2017, I’ve been eating plant-based. You can learn more on the about page, the FAQ page, and this long article I wrote on my personal blog. But long story short, I watched a documentary and decided to give veganism a try.

Little did I know that I’d still be doing it over 5 months later. I feel great and it’s exciting to try new things. It’s also cool to see family and friends intrigued and wanting to test out some of these plant-based options.

The Idea for Eat Good Shit

After a few weeks of being a vegan, I wanted to start documenting everything I consumed. I couldn’t come up with a name for the website though. The brainstorming process is fun to me, especially the naming part of it. Here are some of the names that didn’t make the cut: Random Vegan, RanPlant, Plants Over Meat, Based On Plants.

I wanted the name to kind of be generic but bold. The book Thug Kitchen is amazing and I really liked that approach: a simple name with a unique style (a hilarious vegan cookbook where they curse a lot). I’m not even totally sure how I came up with the name Eat Good Shit, but I remember laying on the couch for days trying to think of the perfect name. And when I said it out loud, I knew it had to be that. Especially after I found out the domain name and IG account was available.

Anyways, I planned to build out the site, and write blog posts where I talk about local restaurants that I love going to, places that I eat when I am traveling, random foods I find at the grocery, and just share any other information that I discover on this journey. Basically showing people how easy it is to find vegan food options wherever they go. It’s really just a mindset shift, then you become more aware of what to order when you go out.

Even though everything on the site would be vegan, I kept going back and forth debating if I wanted the name to have the word vegan or plant-based in it. I ultimately decided against it and went with something a little more vague.

The past 2-3 years, I was a follower (part-time follower some of the times) of the NSNG mindset (No Sugar No Grains). It’s essentially paleo mixed with gluten-free but a little more hardcore. I found that one day and just went hardcore with it for awhile (just like I’m doing with this whole vegan thing). Funny thing is, I think being vegan is way easier, even though everyone thinks it would be way harder.

Now I’m not 100% positive that being vegan is the single answer or the best route as far as nutrition goes or the way all humans should eat no matter what, but for now, I think it’s the best choice, at least for me. I have no reason to go back to meat or dairy yet, but I can’t 100% say that I’ll be vegan forever. I think it’s the smartest choice if you care about animals and the planet, but I haven’t been doing it for years or decades to really know if this is the best for human bodies. I think it is, but I need more data and I need to do more experimenting.

I research so much shit from both sides of fence, and I’ve listened to podcasts where people have been vegan for 10 years and they decided that it’s not how humans should eat and now they are the total opposite. I also read articles from people that consumed meat and dairy there whole lives and always had health problems. But once they went vegan, everything went away and they feel better than they ever have. So it’s hard to figure out what the right thing to do is, therefore I just have to experiment for myself and share my findings.

So part of the the reason I picked a generic name like Eat Good Shit is because I may change in a few years. I don’t know what the future holds, but I want one single place to document everything that I eat over the years. So in the year 2023, if the new diet that seems to be the best is lobster and skittles, that could still fall under a name like Eat Good Shit, and not under a name like Vegan Life Forever. Now that I’ve created this site and put all of this work into it, I won’t have to change the name or create a completely new site. One place for all the food.

And yes, you will see things on here like pizza and tacos and desserts and everything in between. I’m not saying those are the healthiest options out there. Vegan junk food is a thing, but I think that fits well under the Eat Good Shit name. I try to eat healthy as much as I can, but when I’m traveling, I want to try new and exciting places, but even more, I want to point out all the vegan options you can get at these amazing places.

The Vision for Eat Good Shit

Any time I get a new idea for a business or side hustle or project or whatever, I have a billion ideas for it. I get super excited and can’t focus on anything else. I think more people need to create more so they are constantly in that feeling.

Since I’ve created a lot of shirts over the years for my other brands, I definitely want to come out with some Eat Good Shit merch. All the usual things: shirts, hats, stickers, etc. Of course I’d sell everything online and ship worldwide, but it would be awesome to setup vendor booths at food events around the country.

One of the main reasons people follow food accounts online is because they are curious about it and want to learn everything they can about it. I’ll definitely be posting a lot on social media and writing posts here on the site, but I also want to create an ebook or some type of how to guide for going vegan. There are countless others out there and a ton of vegan blogs, but I have my own unique personality and mindset, and I’ve built up quite a following across all of my other social media accounts over the years, so I know that some people out there respect me and my opinions.

And of course jumping into anything new can be scary and you don’t know all the facts, so a downloadable guide for how to go vegan overnight would be perfect for a lot of people. Things to avoid, easy meals to make, what to eat at chain restaurants, things you can grab at gas stations while traveling, etc. All of this information is for free all over the internet, but it’s nice to have a simple, all in one place kind of ebook so you can quickly reference it all.

A random fact about me: I’ve always wanted to open a food truck. Will I ever do it? I’m not sure. Opening a restaurant would be cool, but that’s such a big risk and a ton of overhead. Like everything I do in life, low overhead is my middle name. And I’m not a chef at all, but I think I could pretend to be one initially or hire someone to cook all the food and come up with exciting menu options. And now that I’m all about the plant-based life, I think a vegan food truck is what it would obviously be.

I’ve always wanted a taco truck, but I’m not sure if that’s the route I would go now. A vegan taco truck could be cool, but maybe it would be more generic. Of course I’ve seen vegan food trucks before, so it’s nothing new, but again, I have my own style and ideas and I could make it badass. So, I still have a food truck idea in the back of my mind, and it could become a real thing some day down the road.

But think about the Thug Kitchen brand again, if they had a food truck called Thug Kitchen and placed one in the biggest city of each state, they would kill it. All they’d have to do is just cook random things from their cookbook and serve it up in the hippest area of each city. And if that really took off, they could open brick and mortar locations in the cities where it really thrived. Same thing, I could open an Eat Good Shit food truck here in Ohio, and expand to other areas if it became popular. And who wouldn’t at least walk up and check out a food truck called Eat Good Shit. I’d at least be curious.

Another thing that I’ve always wanted to do is create some kind of charity or a way to give back. I have no idea right now as to what I want to do for this, but I think it’s good to at least talk about the possibility of creating something like this. I think a lot of people that are poor or homeless will take whatever they can get, and I assume that most of the food they eat probably isn’t healthy. But again, I understand. If I was in their shoes, I’d eat whatever I could find, or whatever little money I got, I’d take it straight to the cheapest fast food spot to buy the most food I could.

Obviously I know that eating $1 double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s everyday is not where anyone’s money should go, since you’re basically getting no nutrition. But most people don’t know any better. So maybe it’s some kind of program that educates people about healthier food choices, or delivers vegan options to orphanages or donates plant-based food to local shelters. Whatever it is, I’m sure there are ways that I can build a community that gives back through nutrition.

So, that’s what Eat Good Shit is all about. Hopefully this sounds like a place you want to hang out often and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it all. Be sure to check back often as I’ll be adding more content all the time. And if I’ve inspired you to try something vegan, I’d love to hear about it. Talk to you soon. Cheers!

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